The 3-year wedding mark ... (its like 6-yr mark though)

July 29, 2018





I look back and I do not recognize that person. In three years I had become a soul-entrepreneur, stepped into my divine role as a soul healer, spiritual & energy medium and lost close to 90 lbs of emotional-trauma and had a major spiritual up-level. In those 3-years I met myself and never looked back. 


What could I say at that 3-year mark:


Ask questions

its okay to fall apart

pave your own identity in the marriage

is it a marriage or a companionship?

are you a lesbian or queer?

is having babies fit into your lifestyle?

Get yourself and fast!



3 years of marriage wooo. Theres a difference between a marriage and relationship. You count on the person your married to, to know you. To understand your behaviors and the way you go about your days. that 3 year mark was rough and Im glad we made it past. Thanks babe for believing in me and us. 


What could I say at that 3-year mark:

The first was nothing for us it was easy

Dont stop what you did to get married... still continue

Be and love yourself first

Who does what chores

Children? How When and Why



We posted a wedding video on youtube HERE.


                                              Click & Listen


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