5 ways to nail that morning routine

January 15, 2017

Before I became a mom I could juggle almost about anything day or night and still have energy to burn at midnight. Living life in the fast lane was my cup of tea and I intended on living my life that way.

Welp! When I became a mom my energy and priorities shifted and so I had to adjust my daily routine with my new little human. No one told me that managing my daily routines - my structure would require several drafts... like for real! So I have made some bobos and have tried several things to nail my routine so no matter what I start off seemingly on the right foot. These 5 ways have been the most effective!

1. Keep your morning routine to 25 minutes
I am not kidding that requires a lot of prepping. I do my Monday - Wednesday prep on Sundays because it flows better and on hump day I practice my mid-week self-care routine called unplug and recharge.  This eliminates headaches and creates room for being on time 70% of the time ( 30% is for the times we can't control things ... like a baby poop explosion or traffic). The other 4 steps will make sense!


2. Shower at night
Listen I use to shower twice a day almost every day, but that all died when I had my son! It was like magic. The urge to shower twice a day daily was a luxury. Think of how many people around the world that don't even have running clean water! Anyways, if you shower at night (this is part of my nighttime self-care routine) you will save 20 minutes of your morning mayhem. Trust me it works!


3.Prep it all!
Every evening I prep his bottles, my work bag, hang my work clothes behind the bathroom ( I often get dressed in the bathroom or my walk in closet because he is a light sleeper around 5 am), take a shower, prep his bag and place things right where they should be for the morning. No matter if you mysteriously lose electricity, you wake up late ... you should still be able to grab and go! This saves you 20 minutes of your morning routine!


4. Set the alarm on something annoying

A lot people set there alarms for something soothing and pleasant. Nope! I rather wake up to a rooster and know that I can manage to be on time! The average American hits there alarm 2x, while at least 30% will miss there alarm all together. Trust me, my wife wakes up 2 hours before I do and she seems to miss it everyday lol.


5. Add a little magic to your morning

Whatever that means to you to get the positive vibes going do it! In the morning I run through several pleasantries that keep me going. My son and I watch to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the background while I get him dressed. I sing his good morning song to him, I jam to my greatest hits while driving him to nana's house and then I listen to a podcast on my way to work. This routine is about 1.5 hour long from start to finish and I love it! So find those moments where the magic lives and pull it out it will zen your morning!



I hope my tips have helped you. Leave me comments with other tips and suggestions. Sometimes we have to change it up.



- Viergelyn







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