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Working Moms| maximize time with family

Being a full-time mom can feel like a part-time job when you are a full-time women in the workforce. I will admit I particularly love my career, but it comes with a price. Long hours at work, traffic on the way home and mom guilt, shame and everything else in between!

Sure I could work less, work from home or do both, but that's not me! I want to be a great therapist AND be a great mommy. Many women feel like they can't have both and this is a MYTH! Gasp! I know right?!

I discovered some awesome ways to maximize my time with my family even after a long ride home on a busy Thursday. I will continue to add to this list and update! So go be successful in whatever your heart desires and be an awesome mom too!

1. Bond with spouse on the ride home

After every work day, I call my wife on my ride home. It can vary from 40 minutes to a solid 2 hours depending on weather, events, accidents etc. I have bluetooth capabilities in my Jeep Grand Cherokee, so I just jump right in, use voice command to call my wife and we catch up on our day. Our bond is stronger, we have devoted time to talk to one another about our day and blow off steam.

2. Split the tasks

This will forever be one of the best ways to maximize time and share the stress of being parents! We practice this daily and we never assume who will do what. We also don't ask if one needs help, we simply help! Assess your week, break down tasks and take ownership to be the best at that task!

For my family, my wife does cloth diaper wash and dry, tummy time, dog duty in the evening and I do breastfeeding (lol), dog duty in morning, prep baby bottles, wash dishes in sink and prep his outfits for the week/day. Doing it this way maximizes our valuable time spent with family!

3. Create a bonding routines and rituals This might sound silly, but think of it this way. Stats show that parents who create routines, rituals and structure have children who are less anxious and irritable because they know what to expect every time. Sure there will be a day or two in the far away future where the routine may be thrown off, but any part of the routine intact will bring comfort and security to your baby.

I have a good morning song, and a evening bath routine followed by the same bedtime routine with or without me. We started this routine on his first day of life and have not changed a bit of it. You should see him when he hears the title of his bedtime books. He giggles, coos and snuggles right between us! Create a routine asap!

4. Come home and shut off work

Hey I am guilty for doing this and sometimes my wife reminds me that work stops at the door! There are days where I will let her know in advance that something pressing needs will arise and I will set a timer for when I will shut off work. if you do this, you set a clear agenda and you can be be devotedly focused at home. I once calculated that after a long drive, coming home to check/respond to emails complete treatment plans etc and then shutting off work allowed me 3 hours of family time a day. This leads into my next suggestion below.

5.Quality over Quantity any day!

I use to have strong new mommy guilt in which I would calculate the hours spend from my family! That is soooooo torturous! I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea, seriously. However, I have learned that quality time is the best time and its what you do together that makes it worth the while.

best clubWe google local family events, visit museums, art festival, walks, dine out and book anything, especially since part of the ! We schedule dates with friends and have them over for dinner or drinks with our baby in toe ( no shaming). We play together, laugh together and all sorts of things. Trust me time flies so just do it. that offers us tons of discounts and travel points -ask me how!

There you have my top 5 and trust me there is more! Comment below and tell me how it has worked for you and be sure to check in for updates!



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