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Attention new moms!

I am so happy that I can write this blog for all the new mommies out there or mommies to be! I wish moms would have told me some of these quick tips. This post will save you money!

So pay attention and write these tips down.

1. Travel Systems If you are someone who wants to spend money on an infant travel system and then purchase a separate convertible car seat then go right ahead, but if you are not then I suggest you look into a more affordable car sear and do away with a travel system because in the first few months you won't be going anywhere.

Oh, I should also mention that if your child hates the car seat when they go through their amazing growth spurts and all of sudden grow in height and weight. You will realize that not all car seats are the same and you certainly can't return it! The moral of this story is -- if you buy a travel system and your child outgrows the car seat you will have to buy another one or a convertible car seat for which you just wasted major money.

2. Buy baby clothes on sale, and out of season We all get goo goo gaga for baby clothes, right? Unless that thought will save you money I would dismiss it quickly! Buy simple, basic and on sale! You will thank me later.

If someone would have said stop buying baby clothes every few weeks and invest in buying clothing that is 3 or 6-month out, we would have saved a bunch! We didn't realize this until he was just around 5 months. Thankfully, most of his clothes were gifts from the baby shower, but now we have tons of clothing with tags that we have to donate because he will never have the chance to wear them!

Go to the stores and buy everything on sale a few months out. Heck, buy clothes that are out of season. You would be surprised how much you can save by doing this!This will save you time and money when the newborn arrives.

3. The first 3 months: Baby wears onesies, socks and hats!

Yup, I just want to share that with you. If you think you will be dressing up your newborn in all the cute newborn outfits, check yourself now - you will not care. Just saying. Also the newborn needs to wear hats and socks to regulate his or her temperature!

4. Hand me downs are a blessing

I say quality over quantity any day! It is a total win win when my co-worker, my wife's co-worker and my friend all had a baby within 3-6 months of one another. Shall I say, pass it all along! You would be glad to if you realized the value and savings you just embarked. You save tons of money the clothing are barely used and its free.

5.Save receipts!

Lord have mercy on those who have the smarts to save receipts or have them sent directly to their inbox. If you are not doing this right now, than you better get to it! Over the next few years you will endure alot of shopping because your little one will grow and grow quickly. So, if you are like me and want to be able to return things purchased if you realize later you weren't just that into it this reminder will be a no brainer.I will discuss in a saving money post how saving receipts have saved me countless times.

6. Crib or Travel Crib or Travel Play yard?

This will depend on your circumstances and lifestyle. My family have all three. Yes, I just said that we have all three. The first three months of his life he slept in our bed or in aTravel Crib. He later transitioned to the Travel Play yard because nana babysits him while his mommies go to work during the day. He has a mini crib which saves space and transforms into a toddler bed. Did you notice the keyword travel.

We travel and so we need his bed to go with us and we want him to be comfortable. So if you are someone who is willing to spend on quality (well in this case quantity), but still need your baby to sleep comfortably consider any or all of the above. Luckily we will be using all three items again with the next kiddo.

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