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Out with the old, in with the new in 2017

About 3 to 4 times a year I typically go through and recycle items in our home and donate them to local thrift shops and shelters. It is a feeling of relief. In addition to recycling home items, I use a few remedies to cleanse my home, my energy, and my mind. These remedies definitely help me feel rejuvenated when I feel stuck. It is like a quick reset button for when I am headed towards new beginnings.

Here are my top 3 quick cleansing remedies:

1. White Sage It really does wonders for your home and your spirit. Be careful to light just a small piece especially if you buy the strong batch because in small apartments it can really create a cloud. I sage at least 1 a month. I have tons and tons of rituals passed down to me and some I have gained from well-respected healers. Be sure to check out Healers Do on the blog.

2. Eucalyptus Oil I have to say I have a collection of essential pure oils that I use to optimize my consciousness, bring more creativity into my space and relieve daily stress. Eucalyptus oil puts a smile on my face almost weekly! All you need is a few drops in an oil diffuser and you are good to go! Within minutes your lungs will open up and you will be able to breathe easier and feel refreshed. I will be sharing a lot more about Eucalyptus and other oils in a future post. Be sure to check out Aromatherapy on the blog.

3.Vinegar For those who are not yet familiar with the amazing things vinegar has to offer, listen up! Vinegar more specifically apple cider vinegar is like the best things ever! For now, though we will stick to plain distilled vinegar. I use 3 tablespoons with my organic and natural cleaners to clean our floors. With a dog a soon to be crawling baby and winter approaching you can imagine the floor looks pretty disgusting on a weekly basis. Vinegar really does the job! Be sure to check out Natural Ways on the blog.

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